• Toshiaki Takamoto

    Toshiaki Takamoto

  • Sho Ikeda

    Sho Ikeda

    Univ. of Aizu, Master's Program, Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering, Graduate Department of Computer and Information Systems, Embedded Systems

  • Daisaku Yamamoto

    Daisaku Yamamoto

    Developer / CryptoEconomics / Token Mechanism Design / Decentralized Finance

  • Ambjorn Skold

    Ambjorn Skold

  • Sho Nagai

    Sho Nagai

    Blockchain Engineer at Gaudiy inc. / 主にプロダクト開発・成長に関わることを書きます。スタートアップでプロダクトの共創コミュニティ開発←システム会社でCRM製品開発(8年) / 使用言語:React, Firebase, Zilliqa(Scilla)

  • c_sleep1


  • shadow tang

    shadow tang

    WWW.shadowlin.cn Base in Shanghai Motion Graphic Designer Gallery:cargocollective.com/shadowtang

  • 匠 小山

    匠 小山

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